See, now is the time to ask for ang pow, and please, don’t set the limit. The Sky is the limit.

My wish list

1. Reopen SRJK Damansara – I’m not surprise with our edu Minister words… They can open it, it’s up to whether they want it

2. No petrol price hike for next 4 years (till the next general election)

3. Wipe out corruption ( a wishful thinking)

4. Restructure the legal system ( start right from the sacking of Tun Salleh and it’s slippery slope )

5. New Era College, Southern College -> University status

6. Bonus for public servant – yup, I’m working for Agong and I want Bonus for my CNY.

7. More Master places for the doctors….

8. Cheaper tax on car – >  thinking of getting car

9. Better protection for the general public – protect the women and children from those snatch thief

That’s more, but i getting lazy to ask for, so just ask any thing lah so long u think it’s ok.

Let’s talk my area, Miss Fry Mee Hoon will definitely win the election (hope she get well soon). DAP should skip this parlimen seat, it’s hopeless. But good news for DAP, Miss Theresa will sure win the Seputih area. That’s go for all the other current MP ladies who is way pass their marry age.

Jeff Ooi in Serdang? He’s fighting again the Hakka clan. I think chance of winning is slim lah.