I guess I should talk about the coming election soon.

Soon here it is.

Well, not here but it is thousand miles away.

Do you seriously think US will elect a white woman or a mixed of white/black man to become their president?

I’m afraid the Democrate had repeated their mistake 4 yrs ago for select a candidate which is not capable of winning. They chose John Kerry over Howard Dean. So George Bush got a re-elected.

Now it’s either Clinton or Obama.  I wish that they would have choose a white man someone like Bill Richardson. I thought he is a better candidate for a president.

Let’s talk about John McCain; He a veteran senator, a POW, held by vietchong…

Yup, he supported the war over Iraq and he’s conservative.

In the end, i think those voters still chose a John-wayne kind of candidate. You know, a white man, a war veteran…someone that made you think that he capable of doing something or able to sacrifice for their country…