Doctors are underpaid!!!!

It’s not really true.

An IT graduate average earn RM2000, An accounting graduate earn even less, for a new grad houseman can earn up to RM4000 if added the 10 calls per month.

Just the other day, i alway a chatting with posting chief of HO, he received complaints from  HOs who request less taxing and less demand calls, which basically labour room calls and antenatal wards are more works than a post-natal ward.

It’s back to attitude problems!!!!

We desired the title doctor, the respect from people and the hefty reward (salary) and at the same time, we demand minimal and stress free work.

Are we living in a utopia?

The sum didn’t added up.

We must earn the respect, be prepare to work hard (so one day can be a specialist) and maybe a good financial reward.

Without the right mindset, and had the bad attitudes at the beginning ( in housemanship), one will find it difficult to work and find the work stressful and demanding.