I was assisting in OT just the other day.

Well, it’s  a good example to show that how a private hospital mismanaged a case and send the case to the government hospital to solve the mess.

It’s a obstetrics case which a lady whom had a 1 previous cesarean, had difficulty in the attempt to delivery vaginally. An attempt to deliver via vacuum also fail (denied by the private hospital, saying they putting the cap on it without doing anything!!!!), but baby’s scalp shows the evidence.

Well, patient under emergency OP, my MO managed delivered the baby after a difficult  op which severe adhesions had to deal with before the baby can be taken out.

Luckily, the baby had a good apgar scar despite having breathing in “pee soup”  for few hours.

I was puzzled on why can’t the private hospital handle the case? Is it the patient is a foreigner, monetary issue or my hospital had a better NICU unit?