For those who traveling in PLUS highway, from north to south, vehicles from Penang and other cities north of Ipoh, upon reaching Ipoh, the highway ascend to a mountain range and pass through a tunnel and the highway is descending within a few kilometer  before reaching the Ipoh city. The builder of highway made a fatal mistake, they set up a toll too near to the descending part of highway. So, numerous accidents occurs at the toll plaza, majority are heavy vehicles like bus and truck that had brake failure. The latest accident claimed 8 lives when a bus rammed in the back of a oil tank.

The government had finally agree to build a new toll which much further away from the accident prone area and it will finally be ready in 6 months time.

I personally think that the authority had failed to made the move earlier. If they had done it, many accidents may have been prevented.

Let’s hope this the last.

a link to blog which shows the journey through Jelapang toll before reaching Ipoh.