Since joining the “force”, i heard many time when my specialists remind HO to be hardworking and glad that life is so much better as compare to their HO days.

Specialist 1: I used to do 15 calls per month. I din’t see the sunlight for whole week.

Specialist 2: there is only 4 HO in the entire department. You need to take care of 30 patients.

Specialist 3: You’re all had double the salary and only need to work for one tenth of the work of my HO days.

Obviously my specialists had fond memories of the HO days and i suspect they proud of what they had achieved.

But seriously, my own conclusion is this days that is too many of HO.

I don’t mind, why so many of us since it made life easier and work less.

Then, i see the main of reasons for this situation to be occurred.

Every since late 90s till today, with establishment of private medical colleges and with countries like Russia and Ukraine, study medicine had became more easier.

I’m one of the benefactor from the new situation.

Let hope that there will be news on unemployed doctors in the future.