After working for 4 months, i agree that to be success in medicine, one need to perform and get your boss to like you.

Especially in presenting cases.

It’s alway a struggle like me, who had not acquired or not in presenting. On top of it, one needs to be a sweet talker. I can’t pretend to know the case A to Z which i see and review an hour ago and confabulate the facts which i not aware of it. So, my boss alway got mad for it.

My boss had not spend lunch for me at the end of posting. He once said he had lunch with good performing HOs.  Well, i know that and I the one who performance not up to his expectation. (especially after the disastrous call last Monday) Too bad. Luckily my consultant still think i’m fine and sign my logbook.
New posting starts tomorrow, gotta faces new consultants, new specialists and new MOs, wish me luck.