I’d been a IT worker for 5 years, a HO for 4 months, and a street hawker for past 24 years.

I basically growing up with the food stall. 2/3 of my life and countless days I spend at the stall.  My parent start a food stall in early 80s after moving to PJ. Dad salary was not enough to supports his 7 children. My mum starts to sell Chang, at one time, nasi lemak and finally settle on selling “economic frying mee”.

The business had one time prosper, and slowly deteriorate as time change. Mum still operate the stall and i’m still helping her in the stall whenever i free.

Every time, whenever i got stress from my HO job,  me wonder how nice  is to work  in my mum stall. No stress and no “multiple bosses” to face and get “screwed”. Obviously because the stall’s boss is my mom and it’s a half day job.

Work starts at dawn around 5 am till 10 to 11 am. Usually, afternoon is a free time.

Well, this job not involving saving people life, but it’s provide affordable breakfast for the customers.

After starting my HO, i still find time to help out in the stall during weekend. Since the coming new posting got no weekend off, so i guess i had less opportunity to work in the stall. Got to plan for weekend leave then.

Maybe i should take over the business someday, morning for the food stall, afternoon for clinic work, then i getting the best of the 2 worlds.