Well, today is the last day for me in the surgery posting.

It’s had been memorable 4 months.

But…it’s also a testing time.

I’d had been working in other job before and I can see, being a junior member in a computer firm is definitely better that being a house officer.

Not all the personnels in a hospital suffered.

The nurses, for example, they usually work hand in hand.

The lab fellows, and to a certain, the pathologists, their job pressure is similar with what my old job.

The abusive behaviour occurs almost in every level of the medical team

The consultant mistreat the specialist

The specialist mistrest the MO

The MO mistreat the HO

the HO mistreat the nurses

Are we’re being strict or we have a very high expectation of the everyone because we dealing with life???

Are we’re being bossy will be a helpful in anyway of improve the care of patients?

Some MOs and specialists are fond of offered non-constructive and damaging comments.It’s not for the HOs with glass heart. During the training, i wonder how many time one’s pride had been damaged and hurt.

It’s a place for wooden heart doctor, no matter how many times one try to smash it, it would not break into piece.

NO WONDER, not many people will survive in a hospital environment. And if they survive, they often had a bitter experience.

I serious think that we can change for better..