I’m not sure what are the other doctors felt when the patient show deep appreciation for your help. But for me, it’s certainly a joyful occasion.

This patient whom had a colostomy due to cancer, had the half yearly follow-up. She rather not concern about the disease but more concern for the financial burden of the disease. It’s cost her at least RM50 per month. For some, it’s is a large sum.

I review her condition and order blood tests and then I’m write a letter for her to seek welfare support.

Patient really shows deep appreciation for the simple gesture and i just thought,”oh that why i like seeing patient”…

Kind of addictio, don’t you think?

perhaps doctors do need appreciation to get them going..

Lots of time, when you see your patient going home with a healed body (not necessary all the time),  somehow it paid for being work hard for the calls.