Not every patient is discharged by doctors.

Some, they signed an AOR ( at own risk) and discharged, which is fine with us, and those whom had absconded.

The latest, A patient who a look of IVDU, thin and pale ( he denied it, but admitted to smoke marijuana, well, i believed him, he has good veins), had an operation done and a drain tube inserted. He had slightly prolonged ileus, which kept us from feeding him. Otherwise, he is doing well.

For some unknown reasons, he sneaked out of the ward with the drain tube still in his abdomen during the visitation hour.
They are many reasons to why patient sneak out from the wards, i can only think of few:for one, avoid paying bill, foreign workers whom really can’t afford it. They do it when they getting better.

second, unsounded mind aka mental illness patient.

thirdly, cannot stand of having their hands, legs and neck been poked by needle. (rare cause, usually mean then patient is too ill to abscond)

fourth, refused treatment but can’t get an AOR but they did not know it.

fifth, feared of being caught. I wonder my patient know the doctor-patient confidential which protects him.

and more….. so

i found a paper on the issue which show:

The majority of patients who absconded were middle-aged males admitted through the Accident and Emergency Department to the specialty of general medicine.

Most incidences occurred within 24 hours of admission while in the emergency admission wards.

Twelve percent of incidents were repeated episodes of absconding.

The most common clinical diagnoses given to this patient group were drug overdose, intoxication, and soft tissue injury. Known drug addicts (29.3%) formed a substantial proportion of the patient group.

Forty- seven patients returned to the ward within a few hours, while a further nine (7.8%) re-attended the Accident and Emergency Department of the hospital within 4 days.

Several adverse outcomes were recorded: one patient died following a fall from height and two patients committed criminal offences.

I’m really hope he can find someone to have the drain removed, before it’s cause him harm.