I’d been taking care of the pakcik with bleeding ulcer. Despite underwent a major surgery, he’s still facing risk of rebleeding.

And so, almost daily i need draw minimum 5 cc of blood, just to monitor his haemoglobin level.

Well, due to the previous attempt of insertion of line, both his arms veins were gone and only feasible way is to take arterial blood. I said my blood taking technique is far from perfect, i usually try one or twice, at the expense of causing patient severe discomfort. Therefore, whenever i completed the task, i shall thank my patient for his ability to bear the daily process.

Yup, there were better way of taking blood and specifically for patiesnt whom need regular blood monitoring, HICKMAN or BROVIAC catheter is certainly better way of dealing with the situation. (but that needed Op and money)

I hope patient and patient’s family need to understand  that in the process of treatment, in order to save one life, ultimately it’s involved risk of being harm by the procedure itself.

The very good example is Klang Hospital baby with gangrenous arm.

The fact that the act of inserting a branula into the baby arm is an act out of saving the baby and not to harm the baby at all.

I suddenly sadden by the event when all parties pointed the hands to the doctors who works hard to save other premature babies.

The very specialist whom failed to attend the baby, may had saved hundred of premature in her/his entire career.

If he/she had been disciplined and discharged from his/her duty, guess whom going to his/her duty?

Is it easy to find a replacement?