This is a Chinese saying:


which literally translated ( i get it from the internet)

One monk with a pole, carrying two buckets of water

Two monks with a pole, with a bucket of water between them

Three monks returning with no water.

** the three fellows had not decided who will carry the buckets

Anyway,, what i say, this saying is basically same with “too many cooks spoil the broil”..As usual, changing of manpower occurs in the first week of the month in hospital, so we get 2 more HO and now numbers swells to 11 with only 7 cubical of beds to take care off.

As my boss had pointed out, in the cubical who had more than 2 HO, confusion will be occurred. It’s seem that nobody know which of the patients were under care of the doctor. It’s also difficult to find who have not doing their jobs and who is relaxing all the time…

Well, the sure things is we get less calls this month, so less tired ..and less allowances,too bad..,haha…