Unenforced law is a worthless thing.

In Malaysia, we have traffic law but seldom applied due to numerous reasons.

One of main reasons is poor enforcement and worst of all, rampant corruption .

To demonstrate what other country capable of enforcement of laws:

Let take the following examples:

UK: Football David Beckham was suspended driving for 8 months for speeding in the highway

US: Paris Hilton was caught drink-driving.

Hong Kong: Famous actress was suspended for six months durations

Those country motor vehicle rate is much lower that our.

Back here, the only mean of punishment for speeding is summon. Suspensions were applied in case which is involved fatality.

The recent fatalities involving bus show how poor and near-non-exist enforcement. The bus driver was a repeated offender and the sad news was, he was finally stopped but the accident took not only his life but other 21 innocent life.

I seriously doubt the recent promise of road transport ministry and with Raya around, all those measurement will came to a halt and the awful accidents will soon be forgotten.

Well, now, I think they all forgot about it. I doubt anyone care as the nation are still in merdeka celebration mood.