Most of the doctors (given a chance) would have preferred to stay and work in major cities.

That why there are lack of doctors in rural hospitals.

I, somehow i got to stay at home and works at a hospital just 22 km from my house.

I felt happy with the arrangement. Ther’s little traveling and the only downside is the daily evening traffic jam (which i can tolerate).

Am i being selfish? I should have apply for some rural hospitals?


After, being on the job for past 3 months, i am quite happy and comfortable with the arrangement. I guess i shall doing that for coming years.

After all, patients are the same, regardless the places and races and,….

Not surprise to read the LKS’s blog which is highlighted by

Majority of Universiti Malaysia Sabah lecturers are Burmese.

I offered no solutions for the problem but i guess the solution now is not a bad one, just like the steamboat restaurant which i had dinner 2 hrs ago, consists of 99% Burmese. The restaurant business is booming and everyone is happy.

Am i being selfish? …but I’m happy…comfort zone,,,,i wonder whether it’s bad for me.. huh…i still happy..