One of my bosses is a self-torture soul.

We all know this, he care for his patient like no one else.

We all relieved when his patient is well and can be discharged.

I think all doctors at some points have emotional and professional attachment to the patient, and it’s a one of major motivating factors in medicine.

I see this can be positive and negative way. Being emotional attachment may influence our rational judgement and it may compromise patient care. Just like a simple procedure of venepuncture, i found it easier if i not noticing the discomfort that i had caused to the patient.

Well, i have a young patient who are planned for Op tomorrow. Since the CT scan can’t determine which the mass arise from, i secretly hope that it’s only need a rather straight resection and not a major op like whipple’s  procedure, in which it is a high risk op and a long recovery period.