Sometimes you need some things to remind you that how you love your country.

Recently Astro had a short TV segment of countdown to the Merdeka day.

It’s featured a ordinary people,  started from 1 year old till 50 year-old, the segment end with picture clips from arkib negara shows the number of years after merdeka.  The segment has a very good jiggle which basically why i like the segment.

I think this TV segment is good enough ( for me), that I realise that we should celebrate Merdeka, it’s meant a lot to all of us. 50 years is a important milestone.

You know, sometime we may complaining bitterly on what is happen in the countr y and sometime, the bloody politicians just add gave some controversies statements.

Working in a hospital environment really change the perception vastly.

WHen one is sick, it’s does not matter what colour your are, people are professional, they care for the illness and. not your skin colour or your race.

I feel happy because I am able to serve my country and my people and not forgetting those who had left their countries to work here.