Just having came across this tragic news. The young lady apparently died of septicaemia due to perotonitis secondary to perforated appendicitis. Apparently, the GP failed to assess and sent the lady to hospital and was treated as gastritis.

It’s reminds how lucky the college girl who was third time lucky.

Twice she was turned down by 2 doctors. Apparently they don’t think it’s a serious matter or rather the signs and symptoms are not significant. Well, it was probably UTI and a dose of antibiotics will do the job.

But the decisions had almost cost her life and it’s certainly caused her to lose part of her gut.

From initially acute appendicitis, appendix had perforated, and cause a large collection of pus in the RIF and eventually lead to intestinal obstruction.

She was finally admitted after the third visit. She had immediate operation and she survived the whole ordeal.

Diagnosis of appendicitis is basically a clinical diagnosis.  But, there are also many conditions mimics the conditions, from UTI, constipation, food poisoning, ectopic pregnancy and more.

So, what is the best way of management abdominal pain which usually localised to right iliac fossa?

In my very short clinical experience, if anytime we suspect the patient of having acute appendicitis,   sent the patient to hospital.

In a hospital settings, closely monitoring and assessment and with support of lab investigations, a better diagnosis can be made.

Example: A 77 yr old lady presented with RIF pain. Her pain is not of severe type but it’s persisted. She stayed in hospital for 3 days, and the pain still continue. We performed a CT scan on her and well, it’s acute appendicitis.

No doubt, it’s may cause unnecessary admissions, but i think it’s worth it as life is more precious that time and money.