One of the tasks of HO is to talk and comfort the family members of patient. Consultants and MOs are often not in the ward. The relatives are only allowed in the ward during visiting hour. Therefore, HO is the contact point of information for patient relatives.

Admission to hospital is a important event and often, relatives are in distress and often they’re seeks information in order to comfort themselves.

Here are a few examples:

I had been asked by the grand daughter of an advanced cancer patient. I try my best efforts to give the relevant informations. In the mean time, i have some ideas that the family knew the inevitable chance that her grand mom shall pass on. Still, i try my best to ensure that (which based on the patient present condition) she will see her wedding ceremony in the coming months.

Just 1 month ago, i was talking to this mother whom son had tracheotomy performed. She was kind of distress as her son demands to be allow smoking (???). I try my best by telling her things will be fine. Well, sure it is, as patient’s lung functions improved and got discharged.