Today, just happen to talk to a Muslim Burmese patient and found out that he had been in Malaysia for past 16 years and was not really merely a foreign worker. He is a Rohingya refugee. He shows me his UNHCR id card. Somehow I notice he look different from the man in front of me. He’s now look thin and jaundice. He had a tumour in his pancreas.

He had a tough life, finally meet a Indo lady and had a 2 children five years ago. Life is tough but still blessed with a chance of starting a family life. But somehow good time didn’t last, 4 months ago, he suddenly had increase yellow discolouration in his eye and face.

Suddenly i felt really sad for this man. If he survived this ordeal, maybe he can get the chance of seeing and raising his kids for few more years.

The specialists still had crashes of ideas on the management.

I just hope he got the best management plan and had the chance of seeing his kids grow up.

p.s. Maybe it’s the time that Malaysia offers citizenship to the Rohingya refugees.