Malaysia got beaten 5-1 by China.

The news just reflect the sad state of football in Malaysia. And MU is not coming to Malaysia. It’s just a not relevant Asian Football Cup. what a shame!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it’s remind me of local football.

I just voted Mokhtar Dahari as my anak gemilang Malaysia.

I also want to vote for Arumugam the real Spiderman, the truely no 1 goal keeper.Both are sadly missed.

I was bitten by football bug since young and love the game since.

In 80 and 90s, I was a truly Malaysia football fan.

My favourite team is Selangor.

During those days, Selangor rivals is Pahang and Singapore

But then, there was before the big corruption cases.

Lee Kin Hong, Azizul Abu Hanifah and more are those footballers who accept bribe and were banished from football.

It’s basically ruined the football institution in Malaysia.

It had not recovered from this ugly episode and to this day, fans stayed away from Malaysia football.