This was what happen during the conversation with  gynae MO:

me: Good morning doctor, i had a patient with right hypochondrium pain and vaginal discharge,,,,,,,,We like to refer patient to you..Can doctor come for review?

She: Why can’t you get the gynae history? you must be crazy, call me up on a Saturday and refer a vaginal discharge case to me?

I’m was shocked and quickly hang up the phone.

Well, of all the calls, this was the worst referral call that i had made.

Guess, I should be more careful with the wording and reasons. I should had a better understand the indication of referral and I must remember her name,,, if she on-call that day, better not to call her.

In this big hospital, different specialties MOs basically get calls from various department, for referral of cases.

Sometime i wonder is it necessary to refer patient or just want to be bear less responsible?

Just the other day,  referring a newly diagnosed type 2 DM patient who was admitted with abscess in the perianal region.

The Medical MO asked why can’t you all manage it?  Well, I replied that we want a medical review.

If is not because of my MO order, I would have  taken the task myself. It is simple task, perscribe 2 oral OHA and monitored the blood glucose, end of story.  The medical MO can spare his time on other patients instead.

So, I am really wonder, sharing responsibilities or don’t want bear any responsibilities.