What was the result of 36 hours working in hospital?

Answer is simple. Damn tired.  Even after I had 5 hrs of sleep as it is a non-active day for the ward.

I try to recalled what were the routines for the past sunday and monday


7am-10am  Walk round and reviewing patients.

10 Sent blood for ABG. Arrh,,,,,it’s possible a VBG and had to repeat

11am – arrrh,,,second result still the same. Decided to let the pt off the hook. Wait for MO comment on the result

Free Lunch.  On-callers got free meals.

2-5 pm review patients and talk to them. Give AOR to a patient who want to have dinner before a op on monday.

Ward is full of visitors.

5 pm Got a call for assisting in the OT but my colleague helping out.


Same things , review cases and walk round with specialist and MO. It’s getting more relax. Look like it’s not a busy day in the ward.


12-4am sleep in the first class ward. It’s really cool coz the sky started to rain in the wee hours

5 am Woke up by nurse, reset a venofix and back to hostel and had 1 more hrs sleep before the sunrise.

7-11 – walk rounds. Reviewing patients.

11-1 – tracing investigation and settle the parking pass. Arrrh, the MA is so slack. It was still pending.

2-4 helping out at the outpatient clinic and sit beside Prof. Got 2 cases and got a man for his hernia repair surgery.

4-6 pm    Finished clerking new admitted case and sent her for abdomen x-ray.  Pass over to the on caller

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!