Setting Line 

It’s started yesterday and only god know that when it’ll will stop.

From most senior member to junior officers had their attempt to set up line for a ill patient.

Poor patient’s four limbs had been poked numerous time. Hope we find a good line soon and patient care can be further improved.

Saving Life

I’m not surprise at all when my colleague told me that a stoma was created to save his life. The disease is so extensive that it can’t be removed surgically.

He’s a young man with good mechanical skills; He supposed to have a bright future.

Abdomen mass just “pop” up out of nowhere after few months of abdomen discomfort.

Colonoscopy reveals the disease is in the colon;  One of the kidney was blocked;

The worst news had arrived, rare, highly malignant carcinoma which the pathologist need special stain to give their expert opinion.

Saving life is not so straight.

Let hope the next stage of management will help him.

p.s Post call; CME next week; more calls;