Have you read Dr Kua’s book on May 13 incident?
I managed to grab a copy of it before the government take action.

I quickly browsed the book and was surprised to know that the book described the incident is almost same with the terrifying story of May 13 told by my mother.

My mother’s history is something like this:
On the day of May 13, 1969, She and relatives was resting the compound of new village house, just before dinner time.
Then, the passing bus driver shouted at them. “Sha dao loy” , “Sha dao loy” (hakka) meaning the killings are coming, the killing are coming”. Well, it is luckily that the riot did not come to the village.
My mother told me that the riots and killings started at area near chow-kit, the tiong-nam area. There was a cinema where people were slashed and killed during the riots. Curfew was imposed. Army fired randomly at the shops. There was incident where a shop owner took a peek at the shop door and a flying bullet hit his leg. There was a horrifying scene in the hospital morgue where the corpses were stacked together. According to my mum, Indians were largely unaffected and were not target. The Chinese went to a Indian man house for refuge and hiding. The number of people are so many and everyone forced to stand during the ordeal.