I’m a fan of Spiderman movies.

I was drawn to the movie not because of it’s special effect, but it’s story.

The story of a young photographer who was bitten by a radioactive spider, was given a spider-like capabilities,  the power which allowed him to fight again crime.

But,  the young man, Peter Parker had problems dealing with this new jobs.  He is facing great difficulties of balance his life as a normal young adult and a superhero.

I am just wondering that the doctors had the similar problems.

Doctors are facing long working hours, pressure of jobs, on-calls, working far from home and so forth.  No doubt, this kind of working conditions will affects the well-being of the doctors and their qualities of life.

Therefore, doctors need to balance up their responsibilities and their life. (just like Peter Parker)

There is a famous quote from the Movie,


The doctors should be alway remember,  They are the one with capabilities (power)  of “diagnosis and treating diseases”, therefore they should be ready to bear the greater responsibility of taking care of the sick.

I strongly recommend medical students to watch the movies and learns the quality of SPIDERMAN !!!!!

Mr Davin Arul of the Star, had written an excellent article with similar messages.