Accidental Hero Mr Al Gore had managed to revive the effort of increasing awareness of global warming.

So, people is getting more conscious and try to recycle, reduces fuel consumption and blah,blah…..

Do you think this efforts are sufficient to prevent global warming and further environmental damage?

I seriously doubt it is a fruitful effort.

Our hands are all tied to the destruction of the earth.

We need to ask ourself this question?


We preferred to drive. We slept with air-con on. We like to travel. We preferred steak. We seek the ultimate pressure at the expense of others.

In short, we are the largest parasite in the world and the earth is our host.

The earth bleeds slowly and became anemic.

However, i believed mother earth will strike back with a vengence.

Ultimately, the pollutant which were generated by human activities will eventually destroyed the food source, new emergence disease, famine, war, abnormal weathers shall strike the human race and greatly reduced the numbers.