Reclining Buddha

Today is the Wesak Day, the first full moon on the May (and not the 15 days of 4th month of lunar calendar) where we celebrates the birth, the enlightenment and the passing of our teacher Gautama Buddha.

My first came to know Wesak day celebration happened 20++ years ago, when my father bought me and brother to Brickfield Vihara. At night we joined to procession.

But these day as I grew older, my Wesak celebration had become limited. As for today, I supposed to go to temple this afternoon and hope to take some snapshot of the temple my handphone camera. But I was feeling exhausted after woke up from my nap. Instead, I spend my day with my family.

In this Wesak day, I vows to keep my precepts, taking care of my family, and sincerely hope to a competence and a caring doctor.