It was 3 weeks since i received my appointment letter. It’s stated we shall received the posting letter soon. Until 2day, non of my friends had received the letter. Well, i got my medical report done (RM95  and unhealthy dose of X-ray) , had the commission of oath to certify that I am not a criminal and posted my job acceptance letter.

Today, having just woke up from nap, saw a letter in the mailbox. Guess, it’s belong to my sis-in law.

It’s kind of frustrating in this waiting games.

I flipping the Davidson to look for interest topics. I try to read some of procedures in the Oxford handbook.  I hope the books can help refreshing my memory. I ‘d had not cracked my head and do some serious study since February. I wonder how many knowlegdes still retained in my brain.

I ‘d been looking forward for early start, so that “tagging” period can be over and won’t crash with my convocation which just 1 month away.

Mom complained pain in her right arm. Guess, it’s caused by the heavy work during frying. She had applied japanese plaster and it’s provide little relieved.

While i eager to start working, i afraid my mom have to operate the stall alone.

Maybe I should advice her to retire soon. The business is slow, those glory days were over.