This is my personal view of Dr Chen Man Hin

I extracted it from GP report.

 Dr Chen Man Hin

Date: 5/12/2005-9/12/2005

GP Clinic:

Doctor Chen Man Hin , Chen Dispensary

I have known Doctor Chen, the Seremban DAP politician for many years (since I start to read newspaper). The GP posting provide an opportunities for me to see myself, Dr Chen, the physician. Dr Chen is 80 year-old, probably one of the oldest practicing doctors in the country. (The other is Dr Bala). He was born in China, migrated to Malaya when he was six-year-old. His education was temporarily halted by the Japanese Occupation. In 1946, he enters Malaya University which still located in Singapore. He is a senior of Dr Mahathir. In 1956, he starts practice in Seremban. Clinic Chen will celebrate the 50 years anniversary coming New Year. Later years, he active in politics and was involved setting of DAP and was elected as state ADUN and MP.


Dr Chen provides a wide range of consultation. Prior to this, I always though that OGDS and ultrasound is usually performed in hospital setting. In fact, Dr. Chen clinic offered these 2 services with the addition of an x-ray and simple laboratory (test for FBC).


Most of the Dr Chen patients are Chinese. He spoke multiple language and dialect, mostly Hakka. A wide range of illness can be observed. They are patient came daily for diabetic wound dressing, elderly with chronic illnesses, children with mostly URTI, patients with lower back pain, wound dressing for a patient with stoma and rarely, small operation of cutting part of frenulum of child.


During the 5 days of attachment, Dr Chen offered us to chance of taking BP and injection of drugs. My own observation concludes that Dr Chen is passionate and caring GP. Despite of his age, he still manages to work from 9 to 4pm, from Monday to Saturday. Dr Chen is still an advisor to DAP. I suspect that he cares for the people’s wellbeing is the main reason he join politic in the first place.